Boxes and dispensers

What is it?

Plexiglass boxes and dispensers are universal equipment for the sale of weighted goods. The lids of the boxes fit tightly enough to the body, which creates sufficient tightness and protects the goods from drying out.

The dispenser is ideally suited for the sale of such products as coffee beans, nuts, etc. Thanks to the transparent case of the design, the buyer can see and evaluate the quality of the product offered to him. The goods are presented in the dispenser in the most favorable perspective. Not taking up a lot of space at the outlet, the dispenser provides storage of a significant consignment of goods. The presence of dispensers in a number of models facilitates the process of recruiting the required number of products. The reliability and durability of dispensers helps save money on packaging.

  • Art. T-0029. Box for weighted products

    600х270х135 мм

  • Art. T-0031 Box with sliding covers with the possibility of vertical docking

    600х300х200 мм

  • Art. T-0056 Gravity Dispenser

    440х165х440 мм

  • Art. T-055 Baking Dispenser

    400х445х395 мм

  • Art. T-0045 Box 5-section shelving with emphasis for weighted confectionery products. The number of sections can be changed at the request of the customer.

    985х340х130х75 мм

  • Art. T-0032 Box with sliding covers 8 sections

    1100х300х200 мм

  • Art. T-0033. Box with sliding covers 10 sections

    1400х300х200 мм

  • Art. T-0034. Box with sliding covers 12 sections

    1700х300х200 мм